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Korea China Network is an inbound incentivetravel company fully-licensed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade inthe Republic of Korea and the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairsin China. KCN provides services and support forChinese public officers and entrepreneurs, visits to related institutions(enterprises), attracting investment from the government of each state of Chinaand small and medium cities, the holding of investment presentations, visits toindustrial facilities, and many more. In addition, Korea China Networkfacilitates exchange programs in various fields such as education, culture, economy,trade, etc. between both countries to foster relationships between the twonations. It is also supported by the governments of North Jeolla Province andNorth Gyeongsang Province as their designated travel company. Committed to the development of Korean-Chineseinterests, Korea China Network is a solid foundation for the growth ofinternational partnerships and business.

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